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Can mobile marketing help save traditional retail?

Traditional retailers need to learn from e-commerce and build their strategies around these Supercomputers in consumers pockets “Smartphones” have disrupted the traditional retail marketplace, and now retail stores have to reimagine, reinvent how they deliver value to consumers and stay relevant to an always-connected market. Traditional retail marketing techniques will not work well and will…
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What is Retail Marketing?

Definition of Retail MarketingRetail is the sale of goods and services from businesses to an end user (called a customer). Retail marketing is the process by which retailers promote awareness and interest in their products and services to generate sales from their consumers. There are many different approaches and strategies retailers can use to market…
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Can GoNow help traditional retailers fight back?

With e-commerce growing, traditional retailers are worried that they are losing the battle for customers. I argue the reason why is remarkably simple. People now expect convenience at a reasonable price, not only this but they also want suggestions on what to buy. Most sizeable online e-commerce stores offer precisely this. Mobile phone technology has…
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