The GoNow Mobile App is free to download and use. If you are a business and want to advertise on GoNow, we are offering a free, no obligation full access business trial for 12 months if you sign up today.
The GoNow App - helps you find things to do, nearby. GoNow scans the local area looking for places you can visit that offer food, shopping, or things to do like: galleries, museums, markets, events, cinema, kids activities and nightclubs etc. New products and special daily discounts from businesses are also displayed. All options available today and near you.
Businesses can instantly advertise their products, services and events on the GoNow app by registering for access on the GoNow Pro platform. To qualify. Businesses MUST offer products, services or events to the general public and have at least ONE physical address. For more information go to the About Us section
No. You can cancel at any time. For the trial period, you will pay nothing and have no obligation to continue once the trial period expires. GoNow offers some free limited options to use after your trial period, but if you decide to pay for full GoNow membership, membership will be due 12 months in advance. If you cancel during this period, no refund will be available.
A free trial is made available only once per company; the current free trial period for new businesses is 12 months. However this is subject to change, so to avoid disappointment we recommend that you sign up today. The current trial allows you to publish unlimited vouchers daily (unless deemed spam by GoNow). See our terms and conditions for additional information.
GoNow is active in Barcelona with hundreds of businesses already using it daily. We are about to launch and focus on London in April 2019. However, GoNow is open to any B2C business anywhere in the world, wherever it is located.

We take privacy very seriously. If you use the GoNow App, we do not store any information about you, to operate the GoNow App you need to activate location services on your mobile device, but we do not track or keep this information.

To advertise on the GoNow platform, we only take the information we require, including information about your business which is publically available. We also need an administrators name, telephone and email address. We have no interest in collecting reams of personal data, and we don't share any information about you with third parties. Please read our privacy policy in the terms and conditions.

No. Currently, we do not send notifications to users mobile phones, as research suggests that they currently receive too many notifications and many people find them annoying. However, in the future, we may allow users to create notifications.
Currently, this is not possible, however, in a future version we plan to add this functionality.
Currently, the GoNow app only searches for results near the user of the app. In a future version, we plan to add this functionality.
No. Currently, we only list results available at the time of viewing or on the same day.

About Us

GoNow helps “Bricks and Mortar” businesses (retail stores, restaurants, cultural and leisure providers) attract new customers daily by providing them with a tool to publish promotions about their business in real time to nearby potential customers using the GoNow App.
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