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Want more customers?

GoNow is the ultimate quick and easy way to attract nearby customers to your physical store.

GoNow Free

Free / Forever

Free for all GoNow users.

  • Limited to:
  • 1 x Daily Advertisement
  • With:
  • 1 x Photo
  • 1 x Store Location
  • Single Language Description
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GoNow Pro

USD$ 20 / Monthly per Store

Ideal for businesses that want to attract more customers daily.

  • Includes:
  • Unlimited Advertisements
  • Multiple Photos
  • Display Phone Number
  • Link to Your Website , Products or Reservation Platform
  • Multilingual Descriptions
  • Create Flash Sales Limited to Specific Times
  • Schedule Advertisements for Future Dates
  • Manage Advertisements Across Multiple Store Locations
  • Add Multiple Company users
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GoNow Enterprise

USD$ 25 / Monthly per Store

Ideal for shopping centres, markets, festivals or advertising agencies with multiple businesses in one or more locations.

  • Similar to “GoNow Pro” but with a sophisticated Control Panel enabling Centralised Control over Multiple Businesses and Stores.
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GoNow Free:

For individuals and small businesses.

Free for anyone who wants to promote an event, product or discount without an advertising budget.

Limited to advertising one promotion daily.

Each voucher includes one photo, location and description.

GoNow Pro:

For all businesses that take marketing seriously.

Ideal for businesses that would like to advertise daily without limitations.

Unlimited promotions every day.

Each promotion can include:

  • Phone Number
  • Store Location to help people find your store
  • A link to company website and reservation or ticketing platforms
  • Multiple images to show off your products
  • Multilingual descriptions for improved usability

Costs USD$20 monthly per store location, billed on an annual basis.

GoNow Enterprise:

For large multi-tenant businesses.

Ideal for shopping centres, markets, festivals or advertising agencies etc.

Includes all the same functionality as the GoNow Pro but with an management module that allows control over multiple companies.