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Why invest in sustainability?

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Why invest in sustainability?

Because it’s what consumers want.

GoNow Sustainability

Sustainability dictates our purchasing decisions.
Issues such as climate change and excess waste are now affecting consumers purchasing habits.

87% of consumers want businesses to help them lower their footprint and advocate for social and environmental responsibility. Even more significantly, 76% would boycott businesses who behave in ways contrary to this.

For retailers and brands, focusing on sustainable practices is not only crucial to protect the environment, but is also a key way to attract younger generations of consumers and drive long-term brand loyalty.

Is your business

Environmentally, socially and economically sustainable?

GoNow provides a proximity-based marketing tool that helps improve the three core pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

Environmental sustainability – this is achieved by giving all local businesses a tool to help prevent product wastage and reduce travel pollution.

Social sustainability – we help everyone support their local communities, retail businesses and cultural events, by providing convenient access to nearby things to eat, shop and do daily.

Economic sustainability – for years, the eCommerce giants and large multinationals had the advantage, destroying local retail stores and high streets, we want to help swing the balance back in favour of local independent businesses by giving them the tools to help compete.


How can…

GoNow can help retail businesses to become more sustainable?

Find out how to reduce:

Collaboration with Retail Associations, Charities and Ethical and Environmentally focused business

If you are a Retail Association – find out how GoNow can benefit your members.

If you are a Charity or run an ethical and environmental focused business like a:

  • Clothes store that specialises in 2nd hand clothing, vegan, slow fashion, fair fashion, local production or recycled materials
  • Food stores that only focus on ecological local sourced produce
  • Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants
  • Ethical events
  • Local markets

You could qualify for free GoNow Pro membership.

Find out more

Find out how retail associations and ethical/environmentally-focused businesses can get special discounted advertising on GoNow.

As a registered business on GoNow, you can instantly advertise your products, services or events to consumers via the GoNow App.

For all types of businesses

If you have a physical retail store, venue or restaurant that wants to attract more customers. You can advertise on GoNow.