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For consumers

The GoNow App

Discover "things to do" near you.

The GoNow app helps people find nearby products, services, events and last minute deals: on shopping, restaurants, attractions, activities, galleries, museums, markets, cinema and nightlife.

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For businesses

Attract more customers

Enhance your omnichannel marketing strategy.

GoNow helps your “bricks-and-mortar” retail or leisure business fight back against the threat of e-commerce giants, by providing a simple, easy way to alert nearby people about your current promotions, discounts and new products.

The GoNow marketing tool that acts like a "digital street marketing team" by locating potential customers near your business and encouraging them to visit your store, event or attraction.

Geolocation based promotions

Flexible Mobile Advertising

Create and modify your advertisements to suit your daily business requirements.

Promotions can be activated in seconds allowing you to adapt to ever-changing daily business needs.

For example, if your store is empty or has excess stock, you can promote special discounts, or if you have a new product, service or event, you can quickly highlight this to nearby potential customers.

To advertise your business on GoNow for free

1 - Register

Register your business.
Enter your store and contact information including website and telephone number.

2 - Upload

Upload your promotion.
Save your images and details about your offer, including date and time your store's promotion is available, all within the secure member's area.

3 - Go live

Start attracting customers!
Your promotion is now on the GoNow app. People using the GoNow app near your store can see the advertisement.
As a registered business on GoNow, you can instantly advertise your products, services or events to consumers via the GoNow App.

Registration is quick and straightforward.

Once registered, you can create daily vouchers that are displayed to people using the GoNow App near your store.

  • Promote your key products, services and events
  • Give directions to your store
  • Allow people to call you
  • Link to your company website
  • Link to your existing reservation or ticket purchasing platform

For a limited time, we are offering new businesses a free 12-month full access trial.

See our pricing for more information.

To qualify. Businesses MUST offer products, services or events to the general public and have at least ONE physical address.

For all types of businesses

If you have a physical retail store, venue or restaurant that wants to attract more customers. You can advertise on GoNow.