GoNow environmentally friendly

Reduce waste, reduce travel

GoNow helps businesses to reduce product waste and encourages people to minimise their daily travel by shopping locally.

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Find nearby discounts and things to do

The GoNow app helps people find nearby products, services, events and last minute deals: on shopping, restaurants, attractions, activities, galleries, museums, markets, cinema and nightlife.


Attract new customers, for free, in a matter of seconds

GoNow is a new geo-targeting mobile platform that targets nearby people, informing them of your products, services and events daily. It takes less than a minute to register a free advertisement and start attracting new customers to your physical store or venue.

GoNow is now accepting new registrations from anywhere in the world.

Currently, we have a strong presence in Barcelona and growing in London. Over time we plan to expand the GoNow network in all major cities and countries.

GoNow - Think Local
Eat, Shop, Do

Find the very best your city has to offer: local daily attractions, galleries, museums, markets, shopping, restaurants, cinema and nightlife.

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